“The more you give, the more strength will be given to you.” – Sri Sri
The widespread activities of the organization are sustained through the time, effort and resources of thousands of volunteers. Monetary support is needed to sustain the seva (service) projects that transform the lives of people across India.

Donation by generous individuals and companies is a vital source of funds for our work:
Regular & Single donation

Company donations and CSR partnerships

Occasional giving (birthday, wedding, anniversary, memory)

We help individuals and companies to donate with ease through our online donation facility at
Dharma Sthamba Yojana (DSY).

Regular & Single Donations
Regular donation is very helpful to sustain our work. There is a growing number of socially-conscious individuals who are willing to set aside a portion of their monthly income for the betterment of society. You must be one too otherwise you won’t be reading these pages.
It’s easy to get started on your regular donation NOW. It takes only 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Click here to register at DSY, our donation facility.
Step 2: Pay online through your Debit or Credit card from a list of affiliated banks.
Step 3: Indicate your monthly donation amount and it’s done!

You may also choose to make a one-time contribution, if you wish. 80G tax exemption certificates will be given to you after your donations have been processed.

Company Donations
To the leaders of Caring Companies and Multi-National Corporations, we invite you to give generously to support our good work.With our experience, we are also your best social partner to co-create socially responsible business models that promote development in our rural regions that also enhance your business goals. Together, we can co-build a world where all people live in dignity and security.Contact us now to make a Company Donation or to explore Corporate Social Partnership possibilities.

Occasional giving
The best gift for you/ your loved one on their special occasion is to spread joy and happiness in others’ lives and the smiles you bring comes back as blessing manifold in your lives.