Medha Yoga Level 2

Dive into knowledge and meditation. Become strong and fearless, and useful to yourself, your family, your country. Simple processes and gentle guidance in the Medha Yoga Level 2 course help you to overcome all your fears and limitations and experience new aspects of yourself.

The Medha Yoga Level 2 enables you to look into and beyond yourself. You can understand and conquer your mental constraints, whether it is about relationships, family, habits, addictions, academics or anything else. Experience the joy of service, the freedom of silence and the intellectual sharpness that comes from meditation.

The pre-requisites are

  • Must be a Medha Yoga Level 1 graduate
  • 13+ to 18 years


    • Re-energise body, mind, and intellect
    • Learn to think of others, not just of yourself
    • Overcome mental constraints and fears
    • Learn the joy of service