Real service is when you feel you have not done enough.

The Art of Living social projects aim to transform the nation and impact lives all around the world. We serve society by undertaking social and developmental initiatives that uplift humanity and enhance the quality of life for the deserving. We aspire to put a smile on every face.

The primary focus of all our programs is to empower and inspire people and their communities. Through simple yet profound training programs we initiate a process of emotional, spiritual and economic transformation that results in creating extraordinary leaders out of ordinary people. These people then become ambassadors of change in their own communities.
Our first and foremost commitment is to do service in the world

Over the last 32 years, we have successfully executed projects in areas as diverse as education, environment, capacity building and health with special focus on women and youth empowerment and child protection. With this rich experience, our solutions are now tailored to address geographical, cultural and economic challenges and ensure that we achieve the desired outcome on a sustained basis.
Social and developmental issues are most often interrelated. Availability of water is a pre-requisite to good hygiene just as employment opportunities is an incentive for someone to be inspired to receive an education.  We understand this well.  Depending on the situation, our solutions are designed to solve the problems holistically addressing all levels of social and developmental challenges.

Responsibility is taken not given

We are result oriented and process driven. For us, how we do things is as important as the results we achieve.  We believe in professional management and artful execution by leveraging technology and skills. We love to measure both success and failure so that we know how and where to improve.
Building and managing partnerships is an integral part of our strategy to achieve our goal of sustainable transformation. We value our partnerships with governments, developmental agencies and local communities because they help us to accelerate transformation and expand our scope and vision.