What is YLTP?

Youth Leadership Training Program is a catalyst bringing about a transformation in peoples’ lives in a holistic way.

YLTP aims at empowering and transforming rural youth to explore their full potential and utilize their talent and energy for creating a better society.


  • Empower rural youth through YLTP Training so as to bring about an everlasting transformation in the rural areas
  • To make a village self-reliant spiritually, economically and socially.
  • To sensitize village communities regarding optimal & sustainable utilization and management of natural resources
  • To revive human values


“There were lot of problem and no peace at home. Father was a habitual drinker. I could not share my grief with anybody. I did the YLTP. My entire family got involved in the service activities initiated by Art of Living. I am on the verge of completing my final year of Engineeringcourse in Environment. I have plans to improve the conditions in rural India”  – Meghana , Maharastra, Youth Leader


“I was a tribal boy, from barudi village in Jharkhand that was badly affected by Naxalism and alcohol. I am doing my best to eradicate alcoholism, bad habits from the community, from the minds of people, by spreading knowledge. I helped many of my naxal friends to live a better life.” – Varun Singh, Jharkhand, Village Mukhiya and Youth Leader


“I was a rebel, a non-conformist, aggressive and violent. After doing AOL course, I found my calling to work for the country, to educate and make people of rural India aware of their rights, to help them fight the habits of drugs and alcohol, to urge the Naxals to leave arms and vote, to teach them Pranayama, meditation and to get them to experience the magic of Sudarshankriya.” – Srimant Mohanto, Jharkhand, AOL Rural Course Teacher.


  • Reached out to 40212 villages
  • Trained 1, 10, 000 rural youth under YLTP
  • Engaged 2, 225 youth for implementing 5H programme
  • 47, 74, 220 people benefitted through 1, 12, 920 Navachetana Shivirs
  • Conducted 49, 500 Cleaning camps
  • Conducted 25, 950 Health camps benefitting 28, 21, 408 people
  • Constructed 2, 470 Homes, 5418 Toilets, 904 Bio-gas plants
  • Planted 23 lakh saplings
  • Trained 6, 000 people in Natural Farming
  • Formed 2744 Self Help Groups (SHG)
  • Constructed 2119 smokeless chulhas(Ovens)
  • Constructed 3830 Soak Pits

Email: yltp@artofliving.org

Contact: 080 67433615/17

Shri. Rohan Ved +919620169699